Hong Kong Chapter Alumni Association Update
Meet the alumni committed to keeping our Hong Kong alumni community connected.
Current HK Chapter Alumni Association Board members at Club Lusitano from left to right: Andrew Kwan ‘97, Jason Tan ‘96, Matt Sears '02, Liz Liang ‘04, Yvonne Man ‘05, Justin Liang ‘01 and Wei Hao Kiow ‘06.
Many of us look back at our years at HKIS and think fondly of those days. For many of us, the school has given us more than an education. It instilled in many of us values to become global citizens, to be compassionate and to be self-motivated. For some, HKIS was also where we found our lifelong family and friends, and where we built ourselves a community.

In 1987, a team of HKIS alumni set out to establish an organization to support and steward this community, the Hong Kong Chapter Alumni Association, the first and, to date, only official Alumni chapter for HKIS.

First Alumni Tennis Social held on June 28, 2022 at the Aberdeen Marina Club.
Our mission is simple. We want to foster and reinforce lifelong connections among our members, and also serve as a bridge between us and HKIS. As a group, we want to carry forward the HKIS values (once a dragon, always a dragon!), which have really shaped who we are today.
Alumni Family Beach Cleanup at Stanley Main Beach on October 29, 2022.
The HK Chapter Board comprises a group of alumni who volunteer their time to commit to continuing the HKIS spirit, beyond the years of being a student there. As a group, we have focused our efforts on several active initiatives in the past few years with key objectives in mind:

  • We want to create career opportunities, connecting alumni, current students and faculty, to build a mentoring and support system. Our goal here is to enable a forum to support HKISers in the next step in their life journey, by creating a venue for students and alumni to exchange learnings and experiences.

  • We are building a multi-generational network, bringing together alumni who span across the years. We want to encourage lasting connections among alumni, and HKIS through the Association. In turn, we want to raise the awareness and pride towards HKIS.

  • We want to promote a strong culture of alumni engagement and philanthropy, remembering that giving back to our community is an important way to foster growth and development.
Holiday Hangout with the HK Chapter in December 2022 at Bay 247. From left to right: Joanne Brown, May Lim ‘99, Hillary Sandeen, Pramod Sharma ‘04, Terence Ma ‘07, Liz Liang ‘04, Felix Lo ‘12, Justino Liang ‘01, Brandon Lau ‘13 and Matt Sears ‘02.
To end, we are so excited for the year ahead, where we will continue to find ways to engage more with all of you. Wishing everyone all the best for 2023!
Click above to watch the May 24, 2022 event honoring teachers retiring after 20+ years at HKIS.