Class Hangouts
You’ll find HKIS alumni here, there and everywhere !
This is a round-up of the Dragon hangouts that were held around the world,
along with a look at former faculty gatherings!

Classes of 70s & 80s
Back row from left to right: Nand Harjani ‘76, Don Rabe ‘76, Nancy Dupuy Greenwood ‘77, Craig Greenwood, Anita Lau ‘84
Front row from left to right: Barbara Schwerdtmann Easton ‘77, Stephen Koch ‘75, Amat Tajudin ‘77,
 Mary Tajudin, Chris Collins ‘76.
Thanks to Anita Lau ‘84 for sharing the alumni gathering that took place on Friday May 12, 2023 in Orange County, California.

Classes of the 80s
From left to right: Linda (Yoars) Davis ‘86, Liesl (Yoars) Varner ‘84, Karen (Patano) Lakeman ‘85, Robyn (Bradley) Bryan ‘85, Adam Levowitz ‘87 and Brad Bradley ‘86.
Thanks to Karen Patano Lakeman for sharing a recent HKIS alumni get- together in Alabama in August. The 80s alums had the best afternoon!
Met up in Montgomery, AL today with Robyn Bradley Bryan (we are ‘85), her brother Brad Bradley ‘86, Linda Yoars Davis ‘86 and her sister Liesl Yoars Varner ‘84, and Adam Levowitz ‘87. 

After lunch at Dreamland BBQ, we went back to Robyn’s place for dessert and spent hours reminiscing and perusing old Orientale yearbooks. I saw Robyn in 2012, but haven’t seen the others in 36+ years! Adam is producing his rock opera Don Giovanni at the University of Alabama October 5,6,8, and 10 ( so if you’re anywhere near, come see it!

Class of 1980
From left to right standing were: Harold Sun, Wesley Wan,
Julian Hui, Terrence Yau, John Shih ‘81,
 Antonio Koo, Sherman Lam, Alwyn Tang
From left to right seated: Gina Tso, May Yau (Terrence’s wife)
and Gisa Tse.
A few alumni from the Class of 1980 met for lunch at Woo Cheong Tea House, Hong Kong while Terrence Yau and his wife May were visiting Hong Kong from Vancouver. Thanks to Wesley Wan ‘80 for sharing the reunion news and photos.

Class of 1986
Derek and Robbie Dinglasan '86 trick or treating
with their families in HK.
In October, Robbie Dinglasan ‘86 and his family visited Hong Kong. They met up with classmate Derek Kwik and celebrated Halloween with Derek and his family and went trick or treating in Mid-Levels.

Class of 1991
From left to right: Bijoy Goswami & Marylee Rudisill,
Anthony Chang '90, 
Antonio Ng, Vanessa Hui, Carolyn Chu,
Yazdi Parekh, Steven Lam, Amanda Chan, Ian Dexter Ong, Jennifer Fong, Andrew Glenn, Sabina Wong,
Michelle Wu '90 and Desmond Chu.
A few members of the Class of 1991 took the opportunity to gather on Friday, April 14, 2023 at the Mr. Tomahawk Restaurant in Admiralty during Bijoy's recent visit to Hong Kong. Thanks to Desmond Chu '91 for sharing their class gathering and photo!

Classes of 1992 - 1994
From left to right: Janet Szeto ‘94, Howard Tang ‘94, Leontine Chuang ‘93,
Tina Hsu ‘93, Teddy Fong ‘92, Tim Chen ‘92,
Melanie Lee ‘92, Pravesh Narain ‘92.
In late summer, Hong Kong alumni from the classes of 1992-94 welcomed Teddy Fong ‘92 back to Hong Kong for a visit after a long hiatus. While Teddy wasn’t accompanied by his family in San Francisco, it was still a spirited reunion full of height comparisons and HKIS student updates from the kids of Tim Chen ‘92 and Leontine Chuang ‘93. Uncle Teddy got a super dose of Dragon spirit this visit. Come again soon!

Class of 1995
From top left to right: Anthony Ng, Yihong Hsu, Mark Wong, Albert Yung, Derek Leung, Kelly Hah
From bottom left to right: Angela Yung, Amy Wong, Linne Tsu, Alisa Ng, Kelvin Hah.
“We had a get-together in March 2023 and realized we're all alumni!”

Class of 1996
Linne Tsu ‘96 and Ayako Harvie Buliard ‘96 families.
Linne Tsu ‘96 had the chance to get together with Ayako Harvie Buliard ‘96 in Paris! Their two families had a wonderful time catching up. Here they are with their daughters in the lovely Luxembourg Gardens.

Former Faculty Gatherings

Gathering in Florida
From left to right: Carl Schiefer and daughter Katrina, Sally and Wayne Rutherford, Anne and Bill Barnes, Adriene Cozette, and Jim Handrich.
Former HKIS admin, faculty and parents
gather to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year
An annual tradition finally returns for members of the HKIS community living in South Florida. It’s great to see so many former teachers, administrators, parents and board members getting together to celebrate the lunar new year at Ginger Bistro in Fort Myers, Florida in January 2023.
From left to right: Michael Weber, Tim Gavlik, Joshua and Ruth Ann Wong, Ha Gavlik, and Louise Weber.

Gathering in Michigan
From top left to right: Bert Lobe, David Elliott, Michael Weber, Chuck Steinbach,
David Hoeppner, Jim Handrich, Walt Erhardt, Doug Baker, Jim Carlson
From second row left to right: Martha Lobe, Jerry Branstrator, Dale Koehneke,
Donna Koehneke, Deb Steinbach, David Chaveriat, Darrell Van Luchene,
Gretchen Erhardt, Sarala Carlson, Mary Jane Elliott, Bob Smith
From first row left to right: Chris Bickel, Lois (Ruhter) Branstrator, Ron Rush,
Mary (Hoff) Rush, Evelyn Chaveriat, Sue Van Luchene, Thea Patterson,
Beth Hoeppner, Louise Weber, Alice Smith, Sue Frerking, Pat Frerking.
HKIS Former Faculty and Alumni Gathering
in Holland, Michigan
On July 18, former HKIS faculty and students from the 1970s-2010s gathered at the home of Chris Bickel in Holland, Michigan. The organizing committee consisted of Martha and Bert Lobe, Mary Jane and David Elliott, Mary (Hoff) and Ron Rush, Jim Handrich, Thea and John Patterson, Lou and Mike Weber and myself (Chris Bickel). Not in the photo but instrumental in hosting the day were my three daughters, all HKIS graduates: Jenni Renaud, Joanna Bickel, and Meggen Saka.

It was a beautiful Michigan day, and all were able to enjoy sharing memories as we caught up on each other’s lives. Those who came for the day included Evelyn and David Chaveriat, Deb and Chuck Steinbach, Sarala and Jim Carlson, Gretchen and Walt Erhardt, Alice and Bob Smith, Sue and Darrell Van Luchene, Sue and Pat Frerking, Beth and Dave Hoeppner, Donna and Dale Koehneke, Lois (Ruhter) and Jerry Branstrator, and Doug Baker.

Gathering in Indiana
Rochelle Rhodes Dunn ‘76 with Kathie Siegert, former 4th grade teacher at HKIS.
My wife Kathie and I (Richard) Siegert were teachers at HKIS in the 1970’s. Kathie taught 4th grade from 1970 until 1974, when she stepped aside to have our children. I taught a bit in Middle School, but after a couple of years moved to teach social studies in the High School. We stayed at HKIS from 1970-1981 (minus one year back in the States on an HKIS study sabbatical). We often remark how those years were life changing, and some of the best years of our lives. We are both now 75, but those years seem like yesterday to us. Anyway, about the fun alumni story: this week, a former student of ours Rochelle (Rhodes) Dunn passed through our city of Evansville, Indiana. Rochelle was in the class of 1979. We had lunch with her and some of her family from nearby Illinois. Rochelle was in Kathie’s first 4th grade class in HKIS way back in 1970-1971. She still has the 4th grade report card from Kathie for that year!! We had fun talking about our memories from those years.
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