Class of 1993
30th Reunion
Back row: Katie Fifield, Liz Longley Komosa, Mona Brough Andrus, Katy (Thompson) Ottesen, Dana Bigelow, Anitra Mills Winkler (‘95) Chris Mills Winkler, Liz Tucker, Shawn Austin.
Front row: Maggie Gilbert Lytton, Allen Hanchett, Jeremy Evans, Will Black, Josh Goldberg, Jenn Chenn Isom, Darlene Lantham, Erin Schlensker Chapin.
Washington, DC-based Reunion
At Surfside, Tenleytown
July 15-16, 2023
The class of 1993 met in Washington, DC for a few days this July. We had such a great turnout. Many stories were shared, and if you weren’t there to defend yourself, that’s on you! Jeremy Evans let us know that our senior prank remains legendary. Well done Manesh Balani, Tim Gregg and whoever else was in on that–we win!!

On Friday night, we met at Surfside in Tenleytown. Chris Mills Winkler, Liz Longley Komosa and Katy Thompson Ottesen shut the bar down (oops). Saturday, we started at Dim Sum at Han Palace in Woodley Park. It was delicious and authentic, and we had more people than expected (yay!). Some local class of ‘94s joined us, and it was great seeing them too. The grand finale was at Mr. Smith’s of Georgetown which did a great job hosting us with a fantastic spread of food and our own bar and bartender. There were also some great tunes (“I’m too sexy” may have been played in homage to our senior talent show).

 We missed everyone who didn’t get to join us! Please consider joining next time, because we are definitely doing this again. Thank you Liz and Maggie! This wouldn’t have happened without you!! Thank you Alumni Office for the swag and advertising! Thank you to the significant others who put up with our reminiscing! It was so great meeting many of you for the first time, seeing the ones whose weddings we’ve been to, and catching up on your lives! Everyone attending had a great time!

Shared by Katy (Thompson) Ottesen

Hong Kong-based Reunion
At Cruise Restaurant, North Point
September 20, 2023
Seated at table from left to right: Eric Wong, Spencer Chiu, Fu Min Chu, Shoumitro Goswami, Lyman Doyle, Chris Gang, Caroline Aw and Charmain Soo.
Standing from back to front: Wende Hung, Leontine Chuang, Jeremy Evans and Javan Lee.