Take a Bow, Mr. Y.
Mr. Yehudyan conducts one of his first strings concert at HKIS.
April 28, 2023 was the final High School Strings Concert conducted by Meidad Yehudayan after 23 years of teaching at HKIS.

“Mr. Y.” was as passionate as he was strict when it came to delivering a performance that raised the level of musicianship among students in the HKIS Strings program. He is remembered by the countless students who first learned how to pluck a stringed instrument under his tuition and have since felt the exhilaration of playing the final note of a highly demanding score under his baton. Read about how Mr. Y. inspired youth musicians in this Dragon Bite published last Spring. 

Bravo to you, Mr. Y.! You have created musicians and will be dearly missed by them and by HKIS.

Stay in touch with Mr. Y. at myehudayan@gmail.com.
Mr. Yehudyan pictured here with his family.
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