Nothing But Supportive
by Kaitlin Shum ‘24 and Annicka Sen ‘25
Ian Gill with his wife Shirley, who also teaches at HKIS, and his daughter enjoying a trip abroad.
As Marketing Interns, we were asked to interview and write stories about departing faculty, and both of us raised our hands for this article because we had the privilege of being taught by Ian Gill. Best known as a basketball coach and mathematics teacher, Mr. Gill has been an integral part of the HKIS community for the past 23 years and has touched the lives of many at the school.

Mr. Gill has been nothing but supportive of us as we navigated the highs and lows of High School math. He’s easy to talk to, which makes it easier to ask for clarification of class material. There’s something comforting about knowing that your teacher isn’t intimidating, but is an approachable person that has our best interests at heart. Both of us are forever grateful that we not only learned important math concepts but also experienced his dedication and patience.

Apart from being a mathematics teacher, Mr. Gill is also the coach of the Girls’ High School basketball team, where he mentors those who have a passion for the sport and hope to further develop their skills and talent. We’re math students, so we can’t comment on it, but we reached out to on of his former team members, Janice Shen, who said, "I truly enjoyed the time I spent in Mr Gill's team. He is very patient, kind, and understanding. A moment I can recall is from our APAC trip to Shanghai. I was sick during the trip, and he always made sure to check on me, which was something I truly appreciated." It seems he has the same dedication and patience to the team as he has for his math students!

In addition to being Mr. Gill’s student, Kaitlin also had the unique experience of being a Teaching Assistant (TA) in his Advanced Algebra class. Mr. Gill was a great mentor to Kaitlin, and this algebra class was where Kaitlin and Annicka first met before they became Marketing Interns together this year. It goes to show that internships are great opportunities for bonding between teachers and students!

Farewell Mr Gill, and good luck with your future endeavors. Your presence will not be forgotten, and we are excited to see what the future holds for you!

Stay in touch with Ian Gill at iangill32@gmail.com.