ANNUAL FUND COMMITTEEREACHING THOUSANDS ON BEHALF OF HKISSusanna Li, Jingjing Guo, Nicholas Fong, Elizabeth Wang, Estella Huang, Gaya Durairaj, Alistair Ross, Kelly Ma, Leontine Chuang, Ling Zhang, Liz Lee, Heath Zarin, Yvonne Wong, Ahana Nanavati, Ann Cha
Not pictured: Roomila Chandra and Emily Kwong
HKIS would not be the school it is today were it not for the generous contributions of the parents, alumni, and employees through the Annual Fund. To make this happen each year, the Annual Fund Committee (AFC) works closely with the Advancement Office to encourage year-round giving to the HKIS Annual Fund.

While the cost of an HKIS education exceeds the income received through tuition and fees, gifts to the Annual Fund help close the gap of nearly 10% of the school’s operational budget. Thanks to the efforts of the AFC, more than half of current parents have made at least one gift to the Annual Fund during the 2022-2023 school year, a new record! Their support is what makes it possible to provide transformational experiences to every HKIS student.

The AFC also works with the Advancement Board Committee under the HKIS Board of Managers. Each grade across all divisions has one or two Parent Rep(s) volunteering on the AFC.

"It has been a privilege to work with the AFC and see the positive impact this group makes.  From new playgrounds and facilities to new teachers and technology, every parent and child in HKIS benefits from their work.  The AFC helps us grow as a community."
ALISTAIR ROSS, R1 PARENT REPTo find out more about how you can help the AFC, contact