Dragon Squad
by Avantika Sen '23
This year, the Marketing Department at HKIS introduced the novel idea of creating an internship program comprised of high school students from different grade levels. Despite being brand new, the program was well-received and gathered a lot of interest from the student body.

Carrie Chen, Director of Marketing, and Timothy Loo, the Digital Content Manager, selected 10 talented students to learn about brand marketing at an international school and create content to be published on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, DragonBites, and DragonTales. After a semester of content production, the program was divided into three teams: An editorial team of writers, a media team of content producers, and a Projects and Planning team.
"It's been a privilege to have HKIS students embed with the Marketing Office this year because of their talent, perspective and passion for our school. I've been so impressed with the team!"
Timothy Loo
Creative Content Manager
Video created by Marco Wong '23
“I have been a member of the marketing team for the last year and I feel like I have developed so much as an individual. After starting out with making social media content, I quickly realized that it wasn’t my strong suit. After speaking to Carrie and Timothy, they understood what I needed and reassigned me to the Projects and Planning team while still allowing me to occasionally create written content like this article. I appreciate that this allowed me to develop existing skills while developing new ones.”
Avantika Sen ‘23

“In my experience, I learned how to work in an office, meet strict deadlines and interact in a professional manner. I had great mentors that gave me guidance throughout my entire internship, allowing me to learn from past mistakes and improve my performance."
Cindy Zeng ‘23

“As a part of the marketing internship I have been able to develop skills in many different areas like interviews, graphic design, writing, and filming content. It was a great opportunity to expand skills while reaching out to different parts of the HKIS community.”
Carolina Wen ‘23
Video created by Clara Du '24
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