The Language of Kindness
Erika and Geoff Moulton with their two sons, Jake and Kai.
Erika Moulton was a third-culture kid, who grew up all over the world. Her mother was an international school teacher and she knew she wanted to be in the same profession in order to give back to a community that meant so much to her.

16 years ago, Erika joined HKIS after teaching overseas in Kuwait and Phuket. Over the years, she taught Reception 2, Grade 1, then Grade 2. She enjoyed trying different grades to get to know kids at varying developmental stages.

When reflecting on her time at HKIS, which spanned three different principals, she says there are two things that made HKIS such an incredible place: Amazing colleagues and tremendous professional development.

“When schools shut down for the first time because of Covid-19, I remember coming to school that day and sitting with my Grade 2 team. We all looked at each other and wondered how on earth we were going to do home learning. We then set about hammering out the program. It’s such a strong team, and I’ll forever remember the collaboration we had.”

Erika with her Grade 2 Teaching Team.
Erika also speaks about the strength of the literacy program and credits the constant flow of consultants and inspiring educators over the years who provided training to the Lower Primary team. “Our reading, writing, and phonics workshops are second to none, and I think that is a real strength of the HKIS program”.

Teaching in Lower Primary for so many years means Erika gets to see many of her students grow up at HKIS. Eighth-Grade student, Ishwar Dhanuka ‘27, etched a Hong Kong skyline from wood and adorned it with photos of the Moulton family as a farewell gift to Erika. Ishwar says, “I remember your kindness.”

"I hope the little ones walk away being kinder beings."
Kindness was at the heart of Erika’s classroom community. “Young kids are naturally self-centered beings and so it’s important to instill kindness from the very beginning. We would work on it during morning meetings by giving everyone a chance to participate and solve problems together as a community.” Erika hopes kids will walk away being kinder beings.

“Growing up as a global citizen and being exposed to so many different people and cultures, you realize the importance of human connection. And kindness is how you communicate across cultures. It’s like a language.”
We know Erika will continue to develop kind beings at her next role in Chile, where she and her husband Geoff will go next year with their two children. We thank her for speaking the language of kindness to all of us here at HKIS.

Stay in touch with Erika Moulton at moultonerika2@gmail.com.
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