You’ve Been Sprayed!
by Annicka Sen ‘27
Jeremy Seehafer with his son, Zachary, and wife, Vicky.
For 23 years, Jeremy Seehafer has been an integral part of the HKIS community. A High School humanities teacher, a baseball coach for the High School Boys' team and a softball coach for the High School Girls' team, many of us have gotten to know him well. As he moves on to the next chapter in life, we bid him a fond farewell from HKIS.

Being in Mr. Seehafer’s class is a refreshing break from traditional class routines because of his sense of humor. “He’s really funny.” says Kaila Tang '25, a student in his Humanities II class, which focuses on teaching students about American history and what students can learn from it. Kaila’s friend and classmate, Angie So '25 adds: “I really enjoy the times he cracks ‘out-of-pocket’ jokes. It’s honestly really refreshing and adds to the experience of being in class. I also really enjoy the times he sprays water on us.”

Water-spraying is an example of Mr. Seehafer’s sense of humor. Although I have never been taught by him, I am privileged to say that I have witnessed the hilarious water-spraying. In his classroom, Mr. Seehafer keeps a clear squirt bottle filled with tap water, which he sprays on those being inattentive in class as a way to gently remind them to bring their attention back to class. He’s also brought it out of the classroom before, spraying passers-by who failed to look around them. To Katharine Kim '25, another student of his, it makes his classes special. “I’ve enjoyed every single unit thanks to Mr. Seehafer. I’m grateful I had him as a teacher.”

Mr. Seehafer signs all his emails with a quote from baseball great, Nolan Ryan: "I'd rather have you not like me for who I really am, than to like me for who I'm not." When asked about how his students view him, he says, "if students in my classes found them to be fun, I'm thrilled and honored. I can't think of many things more fun than teaching and learning. It should be fun and if students walk away from my classes happy I've been successful."

As Mr. Seehafer goes on to this new journey after his time at HKIS, there will be a hole left in the community, a gap that will be felt. Thank you for everything Mr. Seehafer, and good luck with the road ahead!

Stay in touch with Mr. Seehafer at jseehafer@gmail.com.  
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