Director of Marketing
Dear HKIS Community,Hello from the HKIS Advancement Office!

In March, the mask mandate was lifted, and the community  said goodbye to the last pandemic restriction. This milestone meant different things to different people. For some of your children, it was the first time they saw the faces of classmates and teachers. For others, it meant a choice to keep their masks on for personal safety. On HKIS campuses, the respect for choice remains a key component of the community’s culture.

As we seek to heal and move forward, the school’s strategic objective to actively engage in a culture of health and wellbeing has become front and center. From social-emotional learning, physical fitness, and health education to spirituality and creating sustainable practices, it’s happening all across campuses. This is why this issue is named Staying Power. With this commitment to health and wellbeing, it’s no wonder our school and its alumni have staying power.

And that brings us to our cover story. Several weeks ago, we received the sad news of the passing of Mr. Bob Christian, the first Head of School at HKIS. Mr. Christian was a remarkable and beloved leader and inspired students and employees alike in his commitment to education, community, and faith. I hope you enjoy reading several letters Mr. Christian wrote to students in yearbooks and a touching tribute written by Board Member Mark Stephen Wallis.

We dedicate this issue to Bob Christian and have left the title of our issue unchanged. There isn’t a more fitting example of Staying Power than Bob Christian’s legacy at HKIS.

This issue includes many articles written by the editorial team of the HKIS Marketing Internship. It’s been an honor and pleasure to work with these talented and dedicated students who seek to tell stories at HKIS and promote the achievements of our faculty and students. Please join me in congratulating them for making a contribution to HKIS.

Carrie Chen
Director of Marketing
This issue of DragonTales was produced by HKIS' Marketing team: 

Carrie Chen, Debbie Ky, Timothy Loo and editorial interns Carolina Wen '23, Kaitlin Shum '24 and Annicka Sen '25 with contributions from Nancy Kroonenberg, Hillary Sandeen, Lauren Seaberg, and Mark Wallis