Our PFO and Booster Club have done an extraordinary job creating an inclusive community for our parents and faculty. Their creativity and resiliency have shined as both groups adapted their programs to meet the needs of our teachers and students. We thank the PFO and Booster Club volunteers for their outstanding support.
Parent Faculty Organization
The PFO Board is all smiles and on-brand in orange!
Bonnie Bajaj
PFO President

Namrata Dhanuka

Renee Yip-Tang

Ann Cha

Sharene Mak
Past Officer

Fay Chang
VP Membership

Evelyn Chan
VP Events

Yvonne Lo
VP Communications

Elaine Chan Sanchez
VP Community

Annie Ho Ting
VP Hospitality

Shaline Gnanalingam
LP Divisional Rep

Marisa Zeman McConnell
UP Divisional Rep

Cheryl Tien
MS Divisional Rep

Lillian Yang
HS Divisional Rep

Bing Xiao
Chinese Studies Parent Committee (CSPC) Rep

Appointed Officers
Shaline Gnanalingam
Volunteer Coordinator

Albino Leal
Inventory Manager
Booster Club
One of the best sights on campus, Booster Club with hands full of treats!
Tori Kelly
President & MS PAG

Leslie Nogic
VP Communications & LP PAG

Sara Sundberg

Ada Wong
VP Grants

Vena Fong
VP Spirit, HS Spirit & HS PAG

Jeannie Park Cho
VP Athletics/Hospitality

Marissa Sullivan
Board Secretary

Michele Tong
VP Volunteers

Jessica Berman
LP Spirit & LP PAG

Crystal Song
LP Spirit & CSPC

Janet Wang
UP Spirit & UP PAG

Lillian Lee
MS Spirit

Dorothy Leung
MS Spirit

Andrea Li
MS Spirit

Judith Shen Tseung
VP Sustainability

Weiwei Li
VP Arts

Sandy Lin
Torch Manager

Anj Lengel
Dragon Shop Manager