“What distinguishes the greatest leaders of our time is that success is very rarely a goal for them, it’s a byproduct of other goals they have.”
Adam Grant
Popular Science Author and Professor

2024 Awards & Recognition
PFO Merit Scholarships
Alexis Chan
Vivian Kahm
Damian Lee
Kyle Loh
Jun Nam

Alex Gong
Casey Simon
Ava Singer
Issy Souleyman
Chloe Yoo

Student Body Appreciation for PFO & Booster Club

Anthony Shen

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award

Lauren Tse

Rensselaer Medal Award

Kristy Luk

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Award

Celeste Belin
Annalise Mak

The AmCham Charitable Foundation Prize Book Award

Vivian Kahm

EARCOS Global Citizen Award
Min Kyung Ariane Lee

Ambassador Board Leadership
Roy Hu
Emma Pouillart
Eva Roukema
Kiele Tang

Student Digital Leadership Team
Daniel Kim
Chloe Yoo
Daniel Park
Michael Hu
Damian Lee

National Honor Society Leadership Team
Christine Lam
Kristy Luk
Jane Poon

International Thespian Society Leadership Team
President - Celeste Belin
Vice President - Laura Marques Leal
Secretary - Leeane Lau
Publicity - Casey Simon
Outreach - Seri Egashira

2022-23 Orientale Editors-in-Chief
Kaiya Coleman
Alexis Kwon

Student Senate Executive Council
Presiding Officer - Anthony Shen
Academics - Steven Mao
Athletics - Samuel Lee
Citizenship - Katelyn Horng
Public Relations - Dominic Cheng
Service - Vivian Kahm
Student Life - Issy Souleyman
Secretary - Kelly Fong
Treasurer - William Wang

2023-24 Class Officers - Grade 9
President - Seungmin Kim
Vice President - Kira Wu
Secretary - Zachary Lai
Treasurer - Kaikai Wu

2023-24 Class Officers - Grade 10
President - Andy Lee
Vice President - Athena Shen
Secretary - Michael Yiu
Treasurer - David Hong

2023-24 Class Officers - Grade 11
President - Chamin Kim
Vice President - Jack Tanas
Secretary - Advik Sharma
Treasurer - Jun Nam

2023-24 Class Officers - Grade 12
President - Harrison Chua
Vice President - Ava Singer
Secretary - Marcus Mak
Treasurer - Rohan Shah

Outstanding Achievement in the Humanities

Zeina Broker

Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics
Yixuan (Arthur) Zhang

Outstanding Achievement in Mandarin
Emily Ding

Outstanding Achievement in Romance Languages
- French Award

Emma Pouillart

Outstanding Achievement in Romance Languages
- Spanish Award

Renee Qin

National Spanish Examinations
Isabella Lin
Kattie Huang

Outstanding Achievement in Physical Education

Kaiya Coleman
Isaac Cheng

Leadership in Technology Award
Christine Lam

Senior Science Scholar
Angelina Wang
Yixuan (Arthur) Zhang

Outstanding Achievement in Theater Arts
Performance - Celeste Belin
Technical Theater - Angie So

Visual Arts Award
Jennifer Yung

National School Choral Award
Kristy Kwan

National School Orchestra Award
Ariel Yu
Shu-Hong Wu

John Philip Sousa Award
Weiyu (Sissi) Chen

James D. Langford Memorial Award for Excellence in the Arts
Jamie Scheiwe

Senior Awards - Leadership
Anthony Shen

Senior Awards - Outstanding Service to HKIS
Christine Lam

Senior Awards - Scholar
Zoe Ballard

Julia & Griffin Lee Spirit Award
Cynthia Huang

HKIS Athletic Leadership Awards
Margot Siebengartner
Donald Ng

Spiritual Community Award

Lachlan Wong