Senior Class President
Throughout our four years of high school, we faced numerous challenges, academic pressures, online classes, personal struggles, the weight of expectations, community gatherings that stretched a little too long, schedule changes every other day, Long boring formal speeches, the mastery system, powerschool unified, and most irritatingly, facility upgrades the moment our class graduated.

And while we have become better people by overcoming these challenges our struggles would have been less purposeful if we had not all lost our cool card. Since it is only in losing our cool card that we find community, and our individual challenges become common projects. So I encourage all of you to embrace the idea of losing your cool card, just as my fellow classmates have done throughout these years.

Response from the Senior Class
As Harry talked about earlier, our class motto is “lose your cool card”, which I think is the ultimate form of caring about the things that matter. Rather than caring about what others think of us or looking “cool” or seeming “cringe’, we care about our class and spirit, which is why we dressed as senior citizens for Halloween with pillows stuffed in our parents' nightgowns or had class officers in full red bodysuits on spirit days, or recorded our own version of Remember Me for our lipsync.

If you continue to be yourself and to care about the things that truly matter, we will create an incredible web of communities that are as strong as the one we built here. And remember, there is always a place here for you in the HKIS Class of 2024.

Student Executive Council Presiding Officer's Farewell to the Class
When I look back at the class of 2024, the one word that characterizes our class has been ‘change’.

Whether it be changing from in-person to online school; changing masks on the way to school in the morning or changing class presidents; changing from HKIS uniforms to middle school house shirts to red bandanas to white feather boas to graduation gowns and finally into university sweatshirts, change has been synonymous with our time at HKIS.

Despite all the change, our class never lost one thing: Spirit.