In this student-made video, the senior class explores the question "What is your history?" As the lead character, Harold grapples with the weight of this question assigned by a teacher on the first day of his senior year. Struggling to understand how he could already know his legacy, Harold looks to his classmates for inspiration. Is the question too difficult to answer, or is Harold trying to avoid it altogether? Is he afraid that answering it means the end of high school is near?

An encounter with a secret society propels Harold on a surreal quest, tempting him with the answer if he sacrifices his entire senior year of experiences. On the verge of losing his mind, Harold realizes that history is partly defined by the friends you meet along the way. As he reflects, he articulates another important insight:
“The beauty of the journey lies in the fact that there is an end. You need that final destination to truly appreciate the ride. Embrace it, embrace the end. Because that is what makes the whole journey meaningful.”
This impressive class video thoughtfully explores the weighty question of defining one's history and legacy, drawing a poignant conclusion about the value of acknowledging both the journey and its destination.
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Act One: DoN'T You Mean Legacy?
Act Two: Moustache
Act Three: HISTORY

Harrison Chua

Assistant Director
Zoe Tsang

Rohan Shah
Harrison Chua

Credits Design
Dominic Cheng
Daniel Zhang