Members from across the spectrum of the HKIS Community share how they've been impacted by their time at Hong Kong International School.
People of Impact
Charley Legaspi ‘13 
HKIS Reception 1 Teacher
Having attended HKIS from Reception 1 through Grade 12, Charley treasures the exceptional education and enduring friendships she gained, which now inspire her work as a teacher at the school. Drawn to the culture of lifelong learning, Charley strives to create a safe, inquiry-based environment where her young Reception 1 students can explore, take risks, and develop a love for learning - mirroring the supportive experience that left a lasting impression on her as a student. With passion, dedication, and the HKIS community's collaborative spirit, Charley believes the school is a place where education thrives, friendships flourish, and a love for learning takes root - a transformative power she is honored to continue passing on to her own students.
Christine Lam '24
Recent HKIS Grad
Graduated senior Christine Lam attended HKIS from 8th grade, crediting the school with allowing her to define success on her own terms and providing unwavering support throughout her journey. Christine highlights HKIS' inclusive community, where students feel valued through shared experiences like spirit days, clubs, and grade-level activities. She praises the school's focus on both academic and personal growth, exemplified by teachers like Ms. McCaughey who genuinely care about students' wellbeing. HKIS has accommodated Christine's passion for data science, supporting her attendance at the UPenn Women in Data Conference. With the school's tailored opportunities and resources, Christine has been empowered to excel on her chosen path, and she is now headed to UPenn, poised to continue paving her way to success on her own terms.
Alessandro Bisagni '02
HKIS alum Alessandro Bisagni, class of 2002, reflects on the profound impact his time at the school has had on his life. As an Italian native who has lived across the globe, Alessandro now returns to HKIS as a parent with his own two daughters in Grade 2 and a newborn son, cherishing the lifelong friendships he formed, particularly through basketball. A formative experience was his senior year Environmental Philosophy course, which sparked his passion for sustainability and ultimately led him to establish his own green buildings company. Alessandro credits HKIS' holistic educational approach for shaping both his personal and professional trajectory, stating that the global opportunities he has pursued would not have been possible without the support and guidance he received at the school. Now immersed in the HKIS community as a parent, Alessandro remains deeply grateful for the school's profound influence on his life and that of his growing family.
Laura Pihowich
HKIS MS Choir Teacher
Middle School choir teacher Laura Pihowich, along with her husband Mark as the band teacher, have had a profound impact on the music program at HKIS over their six-year tenure. As parents who have seen their own daughter graduate from the school and thrive in university, Laura credits HKIS for giving her the opportunity to fully immerse herself as a choir director, with separate proficiency levels for boys and girls that allow her to focus on the unique challenges of adolescent vocal changes. Laura finds great joy in helping her students navigate these transformations and celebrating their growth as singers, fostering a strong ensemble where everyone's voice is valued. Drawing from her own experiences at McGill University and Princeton's Westminster Choir College, Laura brings her wealth of knowledge and passion to her dedicated, smart, and savvy HKIS students, providing them with a rich musical education.
Francis He '32 
HKIS Grade 4 Student
Francis He '32 has been attending the school since Reception 1, and his wide-ranging curiosity is evident in his diverse array of interests and activities. As a member of the Student Council, he promoted sustainability and worked on campus recycling projects. Francis has also contributed to innovative digital leadership initiatives, played cello in the orchestra, joined the top-tier soccer team, and discovered a new talent in water polo. However, Francis is most passionate about his work with the Upper Primary Service Club, where he was inspired by a Kindness Walk with Impact HK to organize more such events that have now involved over 100 students. Currently, Francis is developing a website and Roblox game to raise awareness about homelessness and engage the broader community. With his boundless energy and drive to make a positive impact, Francis eagerly awaits what new opportunities lie ahead as he approaches his tenth birthday.
Joy Li 
HKIS Parent
Joy is a mother of three children at different grade levels who has been part of the HKIS community for four years. When her second child Jennifer started attending HKIS, the school quickly identified that she had attention-related issues and convened a comprehensive "Team Jenny" meeting with Joy and her husband involving multiple principals, teachers, counselors, and specialists. This team-based approach deeply impressed Joy and led to solutions that helped Jennifer and the whole family better understand and support her unique needs. Over the following three years, Jennifer has made significant progress academically and socially, which Joy attributes to the school's responsible, caring, and understanding approach.
Dana Banga
HKIS Advancement Committee
Board Member
Dana is a parent of two boys, with the eldest in Lower Primary at HKIS. She believes that HKIS's unwavering dedication to fostering children's overall growth is exceptional, and she considers herself blessed that her son has access to this unique educational experience. Early on in her HKIS journey, Dana joined the Advancement Committee because of her passion for working with schools and helping students. Dana hopes that every individual embraces and cherishes the profound joy that comes from being a part of the remarkable HKIS community and that they will find their own philanthropic journey as an expression of their experience.