Larry Eichert
September 24, 1940 - May 28, 2024
HKIS Former HS Faculty Member 1988-2005

On May 28, 2024, beloved HKIS science teacher passed away  peacefully surrounded by family and friends.
The words below were taken from the 2005 DragonTales issue that announced the Eicherts' retirement from HKIS (pictured above).
Larry Eichert, originally an art major turned science enthusiast, came to HKIS in 1988 as biology and AP biology teacher and boys basketball coach. Over the years, he has served HKIS as science department chair, science curriculum coordinator and ran the scuba club. He was also class advisor for the classes of 1997 to 2001, and our list could go on… He enjoys photography, scuba diving, exploring nature, research work and laughing with his beloved wife Carol. You will rarely see Larry without a smile.

What are some memorable experiences from your teaching career?
There are so many things that it’s hard to choose one or two. I need to categorize them into two main groups: working with students and professional development. It has been my privilege to have taught all grade levels from Kindergarten to graduate school and each level provided unique learning experiences. The most memorable are the ones when students that you may have taught many years ago call you, or stop by to say hello and express their gratitude for things that you said to them or decisions you helped them make (which I long since have forgotten). What an awesome thought that your words or teachings have had a major impact on their lives.

"Thanksgiving to God for Larry's faith and life. Prayers for Carol and the rest of the family. He was the most memorable teacher and coach, and he led the most amazing Interims. He was from Philadelphia, and I remember when he told me he was one of the regular dancers on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. (For all of you young ones, that was a hit TV show that featured top American rock stars in the 50's and 60's.) Did you ever see him dance? Also amazing and memorable."
Words from Jim HANDRICH

Shared below are comments left by community members on the HKIS Alumni Facebook page after hearing of Mr. Eichert's passing. Last names have been redacted for privacy.
“Mr. Eichert’s environmental philosophy and science courses opened up my eyes to the field of sustainability. He had an infectious passion for the subjects he taught which profoundly motivated all of us to learn more about the world we live in. I personally took his teachings and went on to start a career in sustainability - something which would not have been possible if it wasn't for the foundation he imparted on me. His loss is deeply felt, but his impact endures. ”

Thank you to the community for sharing such kinds words and fond memories of a beloved HKIS teacher.
"It was summer 1968 when I was assigned to teach 5th grade at St. Paul Lutheran School, Melrose Park, IL alongside Larry Eichert. The school was to become a modern day "one room schoolhouse" with open classrooms and students moving to accommodate their learning needs. Larry mentored me in open class management, team teaching, and classroom fun. It became a year of non-stop learning!

Larry used his love for science and art creating a unique learning environment for the students and fellow faculty. He had a large terrarium in the Discovery Center, created student art tableaus for Upper Grade Entertainments, introduced science experiments and "chalk art" into our Chapels. We never knew what Larry had up his sleeve.

Larry, Carol and our families had a 56 year friendship that began in suburban Chicago, reached Hong Kong, and moved to Florida. "To be missed but not forgotten!"

You can read Larry's full obituary here

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