The Birth of a New School Website
February 14 may have special significance for people with romantic inclinations to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But for HKIS, and especially the Marketing Team, February 14, 2024 is close to their hearts because it was the day the new website was born!
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A Complete Overhaul
One of the biggest projects completed this year was the comprehensive redesign of the HKIS school website. The previous design had undergone several incremental improvements over the years, but it had become clear that a more substantial revamp was necessary.

There were several logistical factors driving the need for an update. Over the years, the website had accumulated a vast network of text-heavy content pages that were difficult to keep current and accurate. Additionally, the existing site did not fully capture the unique story and identity of HKIS.

The redesign aimed to address these issues by streamlining the content, improving the overall organization and navigability of the site, and crafting a design that better reflected the vibrant spirit and offerings of the HKIS community.

People, Places, Programs
HKIS raced to complete what would typically be a year-long website project in just under six months. The bulk of the work involved rewriting and reorganizing pages to make them simpler and easier to manage. The focus was on creating a strong set of public-facing pages that highlighted the people, places, and programs that make HKIS special.

In addition, the project would introduce a recalibrated internal portal known as DragonNet, which utilized analytics to centralize the most frequently visited sections in a helpful dashboard. This was aimed at improving accessibility and user experience for the HKIS community.

Enjoy the new homepage now!
Data-driven decisions led to many improvements on the website, like arranging the most visited sections into a helpful dashboard on the DragonNet homepage.
Introducing the Ribbon
One of the strongest themes to emerge from all the creative work behind the rebrand was the idea of using the story of the ribbon to represent the HKIS Mission tying the school together to visualize a student’s flowing learning journey. This motif originally intended just for the website was carried into the design of the Spring Celebration and the production of the new schoolwide video.

Support from the Whole Community
Completing this project was only possible thanks to community members who joined early stage Focus Groups, faculty members and administrators who met tirelessly to accurately tell the HKIS learning journey, our HS Marketing Interns who supported us throughout the project, and students who were featured in key photography.

Thank you to everyone who has visited since the launch with patience and kindness as the team works through bugs and continues to improve the experience.

At HKIS, you learn with compassion, you solve with inquiry, and you serve with courage to shape a remarkable future. With HKIS, you grow.