Looking Back: 
Highlights of the
School Year
An LP student experiences learning outside the classroom.
This year in the Lower Primary was all about experiential learning beyond the classroom walls.
All students had the opportunity to explore nature at the beach and on the mountain right outside our building. R1 and R2 partnered with Backyard Gang learning to be safe in nature (R1) and studying forces in motion (R2). Each grade level learned about and engaged with the many facets of our amazing city, Hong Kong. It was a year filled with learning, inquiry and lots of fun!
Parents visit to read with students during Book Week in the LP.
Some other Lower Primary highlights include: 

  • Reception 1 students went to different areas of Hong Kong to learn about the varied landscapes of our city. 
  • Reception 2 students observed the Hong Kong skyline, noticing the many geometric shapes to see the connections between math and art to create their own Hong Kong skyline.
  • Grade 1 students visited Ocean Park to investigate biomimicry and adaptation in ocean life.
  • Grade 2 students visited a fish farm to consider animal habitats. We even had some local wildlife visit Grade 1.
UP students enjoy hands-on fun at the UP Maker Fair.
The Upper Primary division experienced the return of overnight camps where students had the opportunity to develop their independence and resilience. Another standout highlight was the return of Imagine HKIS, a celebration of creativity and imagination that brought together students and parents across the campus. An inaugural moment included the very first UP Musical production of Annie Jr., a remarkable milestone that left audiences captivated by the immense talent and dedication displayed by our students.
UP students cook up a storm in the Kid Kitchen!
Some other Upper Primary highlights include:

  • Book Week with award-winning author Stacy McAnulty
  • Experiential learning through the integration of Learning Spaces (e.g. Garage, Kid Kitchen, Farm and STEM Lab)
  • A bigger than ever Grade 4 Maker Fair to showcase engineering and coding skills
  • Learning Celebrations across subjects, like Math Walks and Writing Celebrations
The MS plays host to bands from around Asia at AMIS.
Student engagement has been at the heart of our Middle School in 2023-24. In a post-COVID world, our PEAK experiential education week returned in full as students were absorbed in authentic learning experiences with a focus on Chinese culture. Students traveled to Sichuan, Taiwan and beyond as they gained invaluable insights about themselves and the world beyond them.
The US Consul-General addresses the entire MS student body.
Some other Middle School highlights include:

  • The MS engaged in student-led conferences in March
  • HKIS hosted the AMIS (Association for Music in International Schools) band concert in the Spring
  • Chris O'Shaughnessy, an expert in emotional resilience, visited the MS in October
  • US Consul General Gregory May met with the MS and gave an opening speech for our May Dragon Day
The HS Girls Soccer Team poses at the airport on the way to APAC (Asia-Pacific Activities Conference).
We’re thrilled to celebrate our Class of 2024, a group of kind, inclusive, compassionate, funny, smart individuals who have cared deeply for each other and our High School community as a whole. They leave a lasting legacy of community and integrity.
HS artists explain their work in the HKIS AP Studio Art exhibition held at the PMQ arts and design venue.
Some other High School highlights include:

  • A full Interim program, with the entire High School of over 800 people, traveling to 37 different locations across Asia to engage with local communities, adventure, service, and language opportunities
  • Transition to Standards Based Grading and Reporting–resulting in some significant, positive changes in how students and faculty think about and talk about learning. The work continues!
  • A full return to students traveling to other schools in the region to compete in sports, engage in debate around global issues through Model United Nations, and share their gifts for music and theater
  • AP Studio Art exhibition at PMQ in Central
  • High School students serving as panelists to talk about youth mental health and wellbeing at international conferences hosted here in Hong Kong