Vicky Seehafer:
 A Beautiful Legacy
The HKIS experience, represented by the red ribbon, starts with admissions, which Vicky Seehafer has led for 22 years. Vicky will depart HKIS at the end of this year and leave behind a legacy of being the face of HKIS to thousands of prospective parents and students. No other person has met every student family in the HKIS community–and that meeting is always memorable. Her unique ability to remember the details of every student left all who met her charmed and wanting more the next time.

During Vicky’s tenure, admissions reached its goal of 3,000 students, which seemed unreachable when it was directed by the Education Bureau some 10 years ago. HKIS begins each admissions season with prospective parents rarely feeling there was no chance to get a coveted seat at HKIS, but instead, they patiently waited for a spot–at times over a few years–while working in partnerships with Vicky and her team.

“What an amazing legacy you have left, and all with such warmth and American charm!”
Prospective HKIS Parent
An admissions expert hailing from the state of North Carolina, this southern belle was introduced to the Asia international school community by her future husband Jeremy, who was the first student teacher turned full-time faculty at HKIS and taught from 1997-2000 before he met Vicky in the United States. After Vicky joined HKIS, he eventually followed her back and taught humanities at HKIS for another 20 years. Their son Zachary was born in Hong Kong and attended HKIS from Reception 1 until he graduated in 2023. The Seehafers are a true HKIS family. We will miss you dearly!

For 22 years, Vicky Seehafer has been opening the door for students to begin their learning journey at HKIS.
Dearest Vicky,

Two words that come to mind when I think of you are “BEAUTIFUL” (both inside and outside) and “LEGENDARY”. How did 22 years in HKIS go so quickly?!

Yours is the first smiling face we see welcoming students and their families into HKIS. In the minds of eager prospective parents, you are synonymous with HKIS. Your grace and tact are truly the stuff of legend, and the US Foreign Service missed a trick when they didn’t recruit you as a talented diplomat. You are exactly what we need to solve world conflicts!

I will always remember you asking me why I had kidnapped your two little Upper Primary student ambassadors. As a visiting prospective parent, my 45-minute school tour with them had turned into a delightful 2-hour excursion. It couldn’t be helped! I was so inquisitive and they were so forthcoming. Those charmingly candid children sold me HKIS – and your kindness and attention to our little toddlers did too.

There are not enough “Thank Yous” to say for all you have done for HKIS. Our community will miss you beyond words.

So I shall say – much too briefly and succinctly –Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

With much love,
Sharene Mak
Parent of Annalise Mak ‘24 and Elanna Mak ‘22, who both studied at HKIS from Reception 1

The Admissions Office is supported by a team of admissions officers who manage thousands of applications each year. Pictured above are members of the Admissions Office from over the years: Katherine Au-Yeung, Noelle Bough, Mimi Tam, Karin Mackenzie, Vicky Seehafer, and Nikki Spencer. Not pictured: Denise Cheung, Yvonne Chu