A Fine Time!The Associate Principal for Student Life Lauren Fine is in charge of all student activity including clubs, Interim, student government, the Ambassador program, oversees the counselors, and much more, including the celebrations and rituals around Graduation! This June, Ms. Fine leaves HKIS after 17 years at the High School. Listen to her reflect on this time in a Dragonwaves podcast with her here. And read on for messages from two seniors on the impact she has had on the High School community!Ms. Fine speaks with student leaders in her office in 2019."To say that you have revolutionized this school is an understatement. Your 17-year tenure has made a permanent impact on the way our school views the High School journey. By enriching student life and creativity in our community, you have shown us all how to become truly deliberate leaders. Whether it be reinventing our student government, facilitating a shift towards prioritizing wellbeing, or ALWAYS listening to student voice, the High School will deeply miss you. On a personal level, your guidance and direction knows no bounds. You taught me how to love my community and use my strengths to build a better one. I cannot thank you enough for the abundance of support over the last four years. And as you move on to bigger and better things, please never forget your humble home of HKIS. Because HKIS will never forget you."

Subin Shetty '22
High School Administration Team - Ms. Carrie Bennett, Dr. David Lovelin and Ms. Lauren Fine "From working in your office past 7pm to hearing about your crazy life stories, most of my high school has been filled with little moments such as these that I know I’ll cherish forever. I'm grateful for the confidence and the opportunities you’ve provided me. It’s surreal to look back and see how far I’ve come — and how far HKIS has come — and for that, I owe it all to you. I wish you all the best, and I hope that we may one day in the near future cross paths! HKIS won't be the same without you."

Juan Lucas Umali '22
Juan Lucas Umali '22, Katelyn Liu '21, and Ms. Fine gather at the "Sincerely HKIS" bulletin board, set up for students to share notes of appreciation with each other. 
We get down to the nitty gritty with Ms. Lauren Fine in this episode of Dragonwaves.