Dear HKIS Community,

This year is a special one: The Class of 2022 is the 55th to graduate from our school! Congratulations to each and every one of you.

I am so proud of this class. They have faced many trials and tribulations; while they had a “normal” freshman year (which included Interim) their high school lives quickly challenged expectations with the disruptions of the Hong Kong protests and the onset of the global pandemic. However, despite the disappointments they may have felt with altered or canceled events and remote learning, they rose to the occasion and made a marked positive impact on the culture of our High School with their outstanding school spirit. As a group and across their four years with us, they consistently chose to be kind. They created a culture of respect and inclusivity and celebrated and supported one another in an exceptional way.

This year's graduating class quote is "Together, We Fight the Virus", a tagline that the Hong Kong government has used during the pandemic these last two years. At first, this may seem like an ironic choice with all the social distancing and online school we have had since January 2020. But, as with everything else, this class has been thoughtful about their decision. A closer look reveals that this class really has been TOGETHER in overcoming the obstacles the pandemic and life have thrown their way. It is yet another example of their resilience, perspective...and, yes, sense of humor!

We are proud to welcome the Class of 2022 into our alumni community. I hope that readers will enjoy this special graduation issue that offers a glimpse into the celebrations and rituals around graduation. To the Class of 2022, it has been my complete pleasure to be your principal.

Thank you, and until next time.

Dr. David Lovelin
High School Principal
Carrie Bennett, Desmond Chu ‘91, Lauren Fine, Jason Holly, Toni Jones, Yugo Kuga ’22, David Lovelin, Meredith Haskins, Sophie Robertson ’22, Hillary Sandeen, Subin Shetty ’22, and Juan Lucas Umali ‘22.