Senior Class President
Beyond our accomplishments, this class shares an extraordinary sense of community. Even through months of online school, we have been able to form connections that foster an unparalleled sense of spirit and unity. Sitting at the island and talking about the dream car we want to own someday, switching to mildly inappropriate zoom backgrounds to test how chill our teachers are, and turning the island into our own dance club on spirit day. Situations that once seemed ordinary, but looking back now are truly extraordinary
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Faculty Speaker
Your class quote is somewhat unexpected. It is one that resonates with all of us.

Together, we fight the virus!

We might chuckle at this choice. And certainly, fighting the virus has been a big part of all of our lives for three years.

This phrase, I think, has a more profound meaning for the class of 2022. The novel coronavirus is not the only virus endemic to humanity that plagues our world today.

We face the virus of intolerance.
We face the virus of populism.
We face the virus of inequity.
We face the virus of climate degradation.

Just as plagues seem to cycle through history, so do other forces that work to divide rather than unite. Fighting these viruses requires a new way of thinking to mitigate their effects. Fighting these viruses requires resilience, adaptability, and togetherness in the face of obstacles.

This is where you all can shine.
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Student Speaker
I think it’s fair to say that this is not something any of us could have achieved by ourselves.

To the administrators, for doing everything in your power to ensure we had the best senior year possible despite an abundance of challenges, we are immeasurably grateful.

To our parents, thank you for never leaving our side as we faced the trials and tribulations of high school. Your unwavering support and encouragement has made us into individuals who are not only proud of what we’ve accomplished, but eager to do even more.

To our teachers, you are the heart and soul of this school. Thank you for taking the time to build relationships with us that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives, and for recognising potential in us that we often failed to notice ourselves.

To the staff,
cleaners, security guards, and other unsung heroes, thank you for servicing our food and taking care of our school, keeping the campus a beautiful place where we feel welcome.
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Presiding Officer
But when we look at our class, I don't think we are defined by this end date of May 27th, 2022, but rather by the spirit in which we spent the past four years.

The spirit in how when we saw something we thought we could change – we just boldly did it. Made films. Started businesses. Published Books…Man is our class talented.
And above all – the spirit in how our class so wholeheartedly loved our friends, family, life, and each other.

I refuse to believe that those things – the laughs, the boldness, wholeheartedness, and care – the defining spirit of our class is something that will just expire when the clock strikes midnight tonight.

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