BOB CHRISTIAN ALUMNUS OF THE YEARBob Christian Alumni Award winner, Tim Chen ‘92 addressed the Senior Class at the High School Student Recognition Night on May 18, 2021. Dear GraduatesIn a cozy, socially-distanced gathering in the High School Auditorium, members of the High School community gathered to celebrate students at the High School Student Recognition Night. Alumnus Tim Chen '92 was present to accept the Bob Christian Alumnus of the Year award.

Tim began by sharing about his Freshman year at HKIS and how the “brand new” Tai Tam campus wasn’t fully ready to open on time for the fall semester. As a result, middle and high school students went to school on alternating days (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!). He also shared how all overseas Interims got cancelled during his junior year and changed to local Hong Kong programs due to the outbreak of the Gulf War and fears over groups of American students being targeted as we traveled around the region. But he remarked, “all of these stories would pale in comparison to your last two years at HKIS.”

Tim advised the Senior class to consider the friendships that have formed here at HKIS and how networks are built around genuine relationships, step by step, and over an extended period of time – decades even.

He encouraged them to:
  1. Focus on being yourself and pursue life passionately;
  2. Invest in relationships with the people around you; and
  3. Look for opportunities to contribute to the development of the next generation.

Thanks, Tim, for giving our Seniors 29 years worth of wisdom!
In case you missed it The Student Recognition Night was livestreamed for the rest of the High School community. Click the image above to watch!
SPEECH FROM BOB CHRISTIAN ALUMNUS OF THE YEARIn his words Click the image above to watch Bob Christian Alumnus of the Year, Tim Chen '92, address the graduating class.