GRADUATION 2021 SPECIAL FEATUREBye Bye Braykos!Brent and Brenda Brakyo arrived in Hong Kong seven years ago from Korea International School with their kids, Adam ’20 and Alec ’22. Both Brent and Brenda found homes in the High School — Brenda taught English in the Humanities Department, while Brent took on the role as Associate Principal of Teaching and Learning.

Reflecting on his time at HKIS, Brent is grateful for the High School team he was part of. “Over the seven years, the leadership team has been really really solid. I’m so proud of being part of this group, and I’ve grown as a leader. I couldn’t do what I needed to do without a team like this.” And what he needed to do was significant — Brent led out the grading and assessment changes in the High School, which remain his proudest accomplishment. “Shepherding through the grading and assessment changes, which will eventually be implemented from R1 through Grade 12, was a big boulder to move. But it was the right work.”

The Braykos will return to Wisconsin, where Brent will likely be working in a college setting with student teachers and Brenda will be pursuing some personal passions. Above all, it will be a time of reflection and gratitude for their time at HKIS.

Brent reflects: “HKIS — I really really believe this — is a pretty blessed place with resources, but more importantly, human capital. I have never worked in an organization that’s been so driven towards the mission. It’s been pretty amazing to be a part of.”
Huddle In The High School Leadership team 2020-21: Lauren Fine, Dave Lovelin, Carrie Bennett, and Brent Brayko. Christmas Cheer The Braykos get festive!