This is a list of the faculty and staff members that have departed HKIS during or after the 2022-2023 school year. It is ordered by years of service from longest-serving to shortest.
Zella Talbot - High School
Katherine Au Yeung
- Admissions
Li Sun Tai - Facilities Management
Ian Gill - High School
Meidad Yehudayan - Middle School
Riz Farooqi - Lower Primary
Jeremy Seehafer - High School
Veronica Pena Avila - Lower Primary
Matt Lucas - Upper Primary
Geoff Moulton - Middle School
Mayen Sarenas - Lower Primary
Erika Moulton - Lower Primary
Cecilia Chau - Upper Primary
Patricia Kung - Information Technology
Sarah Brockie - Upper Primary
Michelle Hoard - Upper Primary
Shelly McLeod - Lower Primary
Andrew Harnett - Upper Primary
Carrie Stearns - Lower Primary
Cherry Ho - High School
Ceci Lau - Advancement
Hannah Cho - High School
Don Drake - Administration
Chadwick Hamilton - High School
Roy Bas - Information Technology
Lai Pik Fun - Facilities Management
Charlie Pryke - Activities & Junior Athletics
Carmel Pezzullo - Lower Primary
Dave Lovelin - High School
Liu Yueqin - Facilities Management
Noel Leung - Advancement
Theresa Lovelin - High School
Agnes Chow - Lower Primary
Laura Goodchild - Upper Primary
Matt Goodchild - Middle School
Dalia Umanskiy - Lower Primary
Chen Binghong - Facilities Management
Cheng Yuk Mui - Facilities Management
Lau Kit Chun - Facilities Management
Lauren Walklet - Lower Primary
Hugo Lo - Lower Primary
Lydia Ng - Lower Primary
Monica Linden - Middle School
Adam Scott - Aquatics
Daniel Wickner - Upper Primary
Brandon Little - Upper Primary
Amy Garrett - Upper Primary
Scott William - Curriculum
Courtney Pierce - Middle School
Christian Phipps - Lower Primary
Toni Jones - High School
Kolt Callaway - High School
Derek Pierce - High School
Phil Lai - Middle School
Mabel Liu - High School
Miki Okada - Lower Primary
Doris Lau - Head of School
Anita Lam - Marketing
Dax Garrett - Middle School
Lina Doo - Advancement
Rita Ko - Lower Primary
Clara Pang - Middle School
Azuka Ejedoghaobi - Facilities Management
Carol Wong - Upper Primary
Ben Rowe - Middle School
Maggie Ngai - Lower Primary
Joyce Lam - Lower Primary
Daniel Lozano - Lower Primary
Marie O'Dwyer - Middle School
Elaine Leung - Lower Primary
James Lockett - Information Technology
Fiona Tam - Lower Primary
Jessica Matson - Lower Primary
Rey Rivera - Lower Primary
Miffy Pun - Lower Primary
Marcela Amaral - Middle School
Aaron Arizmendi - Middle School
Oki Law - High School
Tim Elliott - Middle School
Will Batcup - Upper Primary
Alisdair Rendell - Information Technology
Connie Chan - High School
Susie Young - Lower Primary
Tiffany Leung - Lower Primary
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