EXPERIENTIAL LEARNINGInterim: A Top 10 Moment in the High School Journeyby Kaitlin Shum ‘24The clouds of harsh pandemic-related restrictions that hovered over Hong Kong since 2020 finally lifted, bringing about a bright sky of hope and imminent adventures for its residents. While Hong Kong, as a community, attempted to seek a new level of normality, HKIS worked hard this Spring to bring back its exciting programs, events, and buzz that once made the school shine. One of these programs, Interim, is an intergrade, week-long service and experiential learning program that is a long-standing favorite among current students and alums. Before the pandemic, students of all grades would travel to places in Europe, Africa, Australasia, and Southeast Asia to participate in culture, service, or adventure trips. While the majority of the student body remained in Hong Kong for this year’s Interim, a group of Seniors (Grade 12) were able to travel to Thailand for their first (and unfortunately, final) Interim experience!
Tap the arrows on the right and left of the image to scroll through a taste of Interim!When the travel restrictions were lifted in the Fall, HKIS’s administration saw a window of opportunity and immediately began drafting plans that would allow the graduating class to travel abroad for Interim. Ultimately, the chosen destination was Thailand, where seniors would participate in a variety of activities. From river rafting to cooking traditional Thai food and visiting an elephant sanctuary, the trip was packed with exciting activities! While Interim is a fun experience, each activity has a valuable takeaway that is aligned with the school’s Student Learning Results (SLRs). Seniors found themselves deeply immersed in Thai culture, learning and respecting Thai traditions. Seniors returned to Hong Kong with a wealth of incredible experiences that are sure to make their top 10 moments as they reflect on their journey at HKIS.
Interim gave students an opportunity to explore their passions, build new and meaningful relationships, and get out of their comfort zone. While Seniors were off Muay Thai kickboxing and exploring Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar, underclassmen (Grades 9 to 11) traversed Hong Kong and experienced a range of activities such as rock climbing, coastline bouldering, sailing, and hiking. The school also partnered with OWN Academy, an experiential learning platform offering hands-on training in a variety of career disciplines, such as business entrepreneurship, biotechnology exploration, and even DJ music production. These programs offered students the opportunity to shadow a professional in their aspiring careers, seeing firsthand what their chosen industry entails.
A big thanks to the HKIS faculty who dedicated time and effort in planning Interim trips and making each one a success for students to learn and have some fun. Interim gave students an opportunity to explore their passions, build new and meaningful relationships, and get out of their comfort zone. The student body can’t wait to see the options for next year’s Interim and to take part in another week of fun and hands-on learning!