Cover Photo Credit: Jamie Yeung '15

55 Years of Staying the Course

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1   Table of Contents
2   From Dr. Ron's Desk

From the Advancement Office
3   Meet the New HK Chapter Alumni Board!
4   Why We Give

Alumni Stories
HKIS Today
Children of founder Eric Mache in Hong Kong in the 60's from left to right  Paul, Jacquelyn, Eric '68 and Robert '71.
In this issue, we feature HKIS alumni throughout the decades and share their stories of passion, creativity, and perseverance. Alongside our alumni stories, read about HKIS today and what's happening in 2021

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1960s    Eric Mache '68
+ Redevelopment

1966      The HKIS Origin Story
+ From the Archive
1970s    Martha (Goudey) Collard '76
               + Health & Wellbeing

1980s    Derek Kwik '86
               + The New R1 Generation

1990s    Kevin Poon '99
               + Student Choice

2000s     James '07 & Josh '10 Shorrock
                + Green Buildings

2000s    Kevin Kusunoki '08
                 + Spirituality

2010s     Jamie Yeung '15
+ Student Perseverance

2020s    Weilyn Chong '20 & Ali Debow '20
+ Leadership
HKIS Uniforms of Old 
Click the image above to catwalk through HKIS uniforms across the decades, starting with the older years.
HKIS's first Olympian Jamie Yeung '15 with her Hong Kong teammates at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games.