FOND FAREWELLSThanks for all the Support!HKIS said farewell to support staff for who have served at HKIS for over 20 years.
Vipin Chopra
Vipin Chopra supported the High School Athletics Office for 25 years as the Athletic Coordinator and retired in September 2021. During her dedicated tenure, she was the table tennis coach from 1997-2001, and led many Interim and service trips to New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and India. Her warm smile would greet all who came to the Athletic Office. 
Paul Kwan
Paul Kwan, our esteemed messenger, has retired after 24 years of service. He has always been such a nice and helpful colleague whose familiar face will be missed. Look for Paul on Facebook!Joe King
Joe King provided HKIS with devoted service for 47 years. We very much appreciate Joe's loyalty, hard work and dedication. His positive attitude and kindness have helped make our school a pleasant place to work.