Internship Program
Ron Ng ‘19 during his internship hosted by A.J. Mak '02 at Chain of Demand, Summer 2021.
The HKIS Alumni Office oversees an internship program that provides current rising junior and senior students as well as university-aged alumni the opportunity to gain useful and meaningful work experience. The majority of the internship opportunities are sponsored by our local alumni, current parents, and friends of HKIS. The opportunities available range from placement with large companies to small start-ups across various industries including but not limited to tech, finance, recruitment and research. Each opportunity provides our students and alumni the ability to gain valuable, real world work experience. We are grateful for our alumni and community members' ongoing support in providing these great opportunities to our students and young alumni.
Hear from alums who hired HKIS interns:
"What a great pleasure it was to collaborate with HKIS students. The students have high IQ, high EQ, and provided us with valuable insights on how brands, products and user experiences can resonate with Generation Z."
Andrew Kwan '97
Founder and CEO of Delight Global
“Being able to connect with HKIS alums through HKIS’s Internship Program was not only a great experience, but the contributions made by our interns far exceeded our expectations. Of the alumni interns we had the pleasure of working with, we wish that all of them could have stayed longer and potentially join us permanently! Thank you HKIS for creating great internships for us!”
A.J. Mak '02
Founder & CEO Chain of Demand
How the Program Works
Interested students and alumni currently attending university can apply to our internship program by completing the application form through April 15, 2022. 
The HKIS Alumni Office will review all applications and recommend a short list of candidates for consideration to the host organizations based on their hiring criteria. The HKIS Alumni Office serves as the conduit in connecting our students and alumni with meaningful opportunities; however, it is not responsible for hiring interns. 
The host companies will directly contact applicants to arrange interviews, meetings and any follow-up needed during the hiring process. The host companies are responsible for setting the terms and conditions of the internship as well as the hiring of their interns.

The internships can be paid or unpaid, offer a stipend or completion bonus upon completion and be in person or remote based on the needs and resources of the host organizations. Most opportunities are offered during the summer holiday; however, winter break and ongoing internships are also available.

Get in Touch
If you are interested in applying for an internship opportunity, please complete our internship application form. If you or someone you know would like to sponsor an internship opportunity, please complete the host company application form. For additional information, please visit our website or if you have questions contact the HKIS Alumni Office at