A Giving School

HKIS’s Chief Advancement Officer, Ann Wardwell, knows that an excellent school is a giving school.
The strength of the HKIS community over the past two years has been remarkable. Amid social unrest, a global pandemic, and a world filled with uncertainty, our community has been resilient, caring, and supportive of the school and each other. It is during uncertain times that we lift each other up and that we realize we are stronger together. Participation in the Annual Fund is a testament to this strength and to the shared commitment of our families and our alumni to provide the best education for our students, despite the challenges we face.

A robust Annual Fund is the hallmark of an exceptional school. Because the Annual Fund supports all aspects of the operating budget beyond what tuition covers, it allows a school to be creative and innovative, to hire the best teachers, to provide the best resources for the students, and to be responsive to either new opportunities or unforeseen circumstances. Supporting the Annual Fund ensures that HKIS continues to provide a challenging, enlightened, and safe experience for all our students from the smallest in Reception One to the High School Seniors who are ready to begin new chapters beyond the southside of Hong Kong.

We are truly grateful to be members of this extraordinary community that continually demonstrates that we are stronger together!
Listen to Ann Wardwell address what High School parents gain from new development plans.