Faculty & Staff
Donations from our faculty and staff are an expression of their commitment and belief in the HKIS Mission and Vision. Thanks to the generous gifts from this year's Faculty & Staff, a giving milestone was achieved with a record 25.3% participation.
Anonymous (37)
Roy Bas '94
Carrie Bennett
Steve Bennett
Natalie Berger
Veronica Booth '97
Mathew Brown
Daniel Chan
Beng Chang
Kevin Chang
Carrie Chen
Jared Cheng
Andrea Clark
Kenny Clark
Stephen Conroy
Laura Cowan
Michael Currinder
Clare Dickie
Don Drake
Brian Elshoff
Madalena Elshoff
John Everett
Riz Farooqi '94
Kate Feng
Kate Gardner '93
Kristi Granquist
Christina Guo
Ben Hart
MJ Hart
Geoff Heney
Kate Heney
Michelle Hoard
Aaron Hollingshead
Isabela Hollingshead
Laura Izaguirre De Pihowich
Alastair Jackson
Barry Johnson
Lauren Jordan
Joshua Joseph
Beth Karnitz
Craig Karnitz
Remy Kaur
Michael Kersten
Connie Kim
Claire Kirk
Pat Kung
Kristina Kyle
Ricky Lai
Anita Lam
Crystal Lang
Doris Lau
Patrick Lau
Eric Law
Cecile Legaspi
Noel Leung
James Lockett
Timothy Loo
Dave Lovelin
Theresa Lovelin
Cole Maddox
Makiko Maeyama
Dean McLachlan
Margarita Mendez Diaz
John Mulhall
Quynh Nguyen
Joy Okazaki
Carmel Pezzullo
Mark Pihowich
Kirsten Rendell
Gayle Renken
Tina Rivera
Laura Rogers
Mike Ross
Ashley Roukema
Ron Roukema
Hillary Sandeen
Jeremy Seehafer
Vicky Seehafer
Amy Smith
Vanja Stamenovic
Stephanie Sue
Yvette Tang
Janet Taylor
V Vargas
Sanderla Von Cannon
Becky Vong
Nick Walklet
Ann Wardwell
Mekala Weerakoon
Jules White
Dustin Wood
Josh Wood
Sunny Yang
Meidad Yehudayan
Lap Kei Yeung
Cara Zang