Former Parents
Anonymous (5)
Nellie and Peter Barry
Sung Yup Chang '83 and Phinna Fok
Wei Dian and Steve Sun
Don and Kathryn Drake
Michelle and Eric Erb
John and Heidi Everett
Timothy '82 and Kumi Hui
Cindy and Paul Jeffery
Connie and Damian Kim
Ji-Il Kwon and Gae-Young Lee
Eric and Sharon Leddel
Eunei and Ron Lee
Woo and Tae Lee
Cecile and Gilbert Legaspi
Jenny McMahon and James Sweeney
Erica and Dan Murphy
Joy Okazaki and Ananda Arawwawela
Kirsten Rendell and Tom Muldowney
Janet and Bruce Taylor
A Vargas
Albert Yung '95 and Angela Fan

“Whenever and wherever HKISers connect or gather, it doesn’t take long to recognize how HKIS has shaped and equipped us with unique perspectives and approaches. HKIS learning holds enduring value and relevance in today’s changing world.”
Blast from the past - this vintage snapshot of teachers comes to us from the 1979 Orientale yearbook.
Former Faculty & Staff
Anonymous (4)
Trish Alvarado
Anuja Bathija
Melanie Dillon
Kathryn Drake
Heidi Everett
Nick Gikas
Susan Greenberg
Justin Hardman '99
Timothy Hui '82
Mary Rush
Marilou Valles
Louise Weber
Michael Weber
Holly Wood