Tribute Gifts
Tribute giving is a meaningful way to honor graduating students, teachers, coaches, or volunteers to say thank you for their incredible work and commitment to HKIS.
In Honor Of
Class of 2022
FM Staff
God for His many blessings to HKIS
HKIS Community
HKIS Teachers
Kalbas & Co.
Lorraine Au '22
Danielle Bedard
Carrie Bennett
Tristan Bennett '22
Natalie Berger
Ashley Billlington
Weda Bory
Katerina Botin
Brent Brayko
Joanne Brown
Bruce Kelsh
Daniel Budd
Kolt Callaway
Dongli Cao '22
Daniel Chan
Linda Chan
Beng Chang
Hae Jung Kelly Chang '20
Gene Cheh
Kaia Chinappi '22
Leontine Chuang
Alexandra Cleary '04
Beth Contreras
Jutka Czirok
Priyanka D'Costa
Dave Lovelin
Nate Dennison
Cristy Dratz
Greg Edward
Mary Ellen Ryan
Jeremy Evans
AK Fang
Riz Farooqi
Daniella Fietje
Lauren Fine
Connie Foster Lau
Jackie Gao
Ha Gavlik
Tim Gavlik
Sho Gemma
Erik Giga
Ralph Giordano
Megan Godek
Will Gotten '22
Kristi Granquist
Amy Grewal
Chadwick Hamilton
Andrew Harnett
Ben Hart
Meredith Haskins
Geoff Heney
Kate Heney
Nancy Ho
Michelle Hoard
Hyun Hogan
Aaron Hollingshead
Jason Holly
Amanda Holroyd
Adam Hung '30
Jason Ing '22
Lingling Jiang
Toni Jones
Lauren Jordan
Jamie Jung '29
Henry Jung '32
Rondecca Kam
Mike Kersten
Connie Kim
Claire Kirk
Donna Koehneke
Olivia Kotyck
Shawn Krause
Anne Krembs
Kevin Krembs
Farah Kroese
Greg Ladner
Connie Larson
Nakyung Lee '22
Eunice Lee '26
Emma Leese '22
Cecile Legaspi
Charley Legaspi
Sharon Leung
Edmond Li
Athena Cheuk Wing Li '22
Bonnie Lim
Hannah Lin '22
Ingrid Lipa
Daisy Liu
Aidan Loh '22
Sally London
Kevin Longrie
Hayden Ma '22
Makiko Maeyama
Bill Mahlke
Kevin McCaughey
Yingru McCaughey
Madeleine McGarrity
Margarita Mendez Diaz
Rachelle Meneghetti
Jesse Meyer
William Mi '25
Julian Mi '32
Isabella Faye Modlin '22
Gerard Morice
Erika Moulton
Stephanie Moy
Mary Dee Mulligan
Nini Nam
Maya Nelson
Christy Niemeyer
Trent Peabody
Todd Pentello
Linette Perez
Carmel Pezzullo
Christian Phipps
Etta Pierce '22
Mark Pihowich
Matteo Ream '22
Kirsten Rendell
Dillon Robertson
Lindsay Robertson
Sophie Robertson '22
Amy Robinson
Rio Sakamoto '32
Sonali Sanyal
Sangita Satpathy-Lem
Marty Schmidt
Jeff Seaberg
Jeremy Seaberg
Vicky Seehafer
Sarah Silver
Katie Sonnefeld
LeAnn Stanhope
Sangwon Suh
Alyna Takahashi '24
Zella Talbot
Janet Taylor
Virginia Udall
Margaret Van
King Wang
Rachel Wang
Kaitlyn Wang '22
Alexander Warburg '22
Christopher Ward
Lucas Kaixuan Wei '32
Sarah Wheatley
Jessica Wible
Canny Wija
Beckham Wilson '22
Josh Wood
Skylie Worrall
Alan Xu
Julian Yang
Hugo Yang '31
Jane Ye
Meidad Yehudayan
Jasmine Yu '22
Leo Zen
Vivian Zhang
Navia Zhang '22
Derek Zhang '23
Lisa Zhong
Isabella Zhu '27
Alexander Zhu '29

In Memory Of
Jasmine Psaris
Jasmine Psaris was a member of the HKIS Class of 2023 and passed away from cancer in 2017. We were honored to work with Jasmine's family to raise the money to purchase and install a bench with a plaque commemorating Jasmine. Jasmine's Bench was installed in Spring 2022 on the third floor of the Middle School in the recently upgraded Peace Garden.
Anonymous (2)
Andrew and Annette Au
Nellie and Peter Barry
Belinda Chan and Anselm Kwok
Ellie Chang '23
Tim '92 and Carrie Chen
Brian and Madalena Elshoff
Cindy and Paul Jeffery
Ji-Il Kwon and Gae-Young Lee
Rachelle and Anthony Psaris
Cynthia Shek Lam '89

Major Gifts
Money received under restrictive giving is allocated to special projects and programs that do not fall under the operational budget. This includes major gifts, such as donations made to support our student activity center.
Anonymous (3)
Black Kite Scholarship Donors
Amy Chen and David Tian
Julian Cheng and Ada Wang '90
Grace Harmony Foundation
Noelle Kwok
Heath Zarin and Jessica Bruser
Arthur Zhang and Lucy Lu