Repulse Bay
Campus Photos
Enjoy this selection of photos from our Repulse Bay Campus!
Lower Primary1.  Sensory play makes the day for these Reception 1 students.
2.  A quick morning chat at the LP entrance before heading up to class.
3.  Ms. Evans and a student figure out supplies for a math problem.
4.  Storytime with Ms. Mole.
5.  Students take their reading up the rainbow staircase.
6.  Getting what's needed for class out of a cubby.
7.  Mr. Wija and students enjoy a break in the Chapel.
8.  Brainstorming in the Wonder Lab.

Upper Primary1.  It's off the bus and up to class for these Upper Primary students!
2.  All smiles for these BFFs <3
3.  Art teacher Ms. Kirk leads a lesson on form, texture, and pattern.
4.  We're all on the same team at HKIS.... though some cheer for Yokohama F. Marinos too!
5.  Torch and UP Associate Principal Ms. Granquist welcome UP students during Upstander Week.
6.  Whether students are cutting cardboard to construct in the Design Garage (L) or manipulating learning tools in Mr. Giga's class (R), learning is a hands-on affair!
7.  Perhaps two of the best things about being on campus in one photo: (1) Friends, and (2) THE PLAYGROUND!