How Do We Describe Nini Nam?
by Middle School Chinese Studies &
World Language Department
Let’s say goodbye to our beloved teacher Nam Laoshi after her 24 years of teaching in HKIS. She will be truly missed!
The Middle School World Languages Team were septuplets during Middle School Spirit Week's Twins Day in April 2021.

Top photo: Book-O-Ween Assembly 2012 : LP Chinese Studies Teachers
Nancy Du, Jenny Lu, ShanShan Chung, Nini Nam, Michelle Yang, Ancy Lee, Rachel Wang were “The very hungry caterpillar” 好饿的毛毛虫 (Nini 扮演毛毛虫)
Nam Laoshi, you are such an energetic teacher! In the classroom, you are always so lively and bubbly. We always appreciate your zestful personality and endless creativity while observing your OWL (Organic World Language Learning) classroom.

Nam Laoshi, you are such a dedicated educator! You always take the lead role in every professional development section with excitement through learning. Your passion and enthusiasm inspire us to adapt to the new teaching methodology and pedagogy. 
Top: The MS World Languages Team says farewell to Associate Principal Mr. Greg Ladner, June 2020.

Bottom: The MS World Languages Team celebrates Zhang Laoshi’s birthday.
Nam Laoshi, you are such a supportive and warm colleague. Every time a teacher is in need, especially with the newer teachers, you never hesitate to step out and offer your help. You are always a good listener; colleagues are always willing to seek your help with deep trust.

Nam Laoshi, you are such a fun person! Every time we were together, you would always bring such laughter and joy to us. Your acting skills are truly remarkable, and you genuinely are the acting queen.
LP Chinese Studies Teachers at the Chinese New Year Assembly
Nini Nam, Jenny Lu, Nancy Du, Hui Xu, ShanShan Chung, Ancy Lee, Michelle Yang, Yoye Ho, Rachel Wang.
In all, you are such a versatile one that is the easiest to get along with. Although you could become an actress queen or a successful singer in your life, we are so lucky to have you as an excellent teacher, a caring colleague, and a sincere friend.
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