Linda Anderson, Carrie Bennett, Weda Bory, Joanne Brown, Yoonjung Choi ’23, George Coombs III, Peter Dratz, Jeremy Evans ’93, Casey Faulknall, Mimi Gordon ’21, Kristi Granquist, Chadwick Hamilton, Peony Kavowras ’22, Hiroko Kawase ’22, Kirk Kenny, Connie Kim, Olivia Kotyck, Nancy Kroonenberg, Kezia Leung ’21, Darcy Lin ’23, Katelyn Lui ’21, Cole Maddox, Middle School Chinese Studies & World Language Department, Margarita Mendez, Kerry Murphy, Emma Pang ’22, Raman Paravaikkarasu, Adam Pecher, Etta Pierce ’21, Sophie Robertson ’22, Mike Ross, Jeremy Seehafer, Rysa Tahilramani ’22, Jillian Tunnicliff ’22, Juan Lucas Umali ’22, Shreya Venkatesh ’23, and Meidad Yehudayan.

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