Dr. Ron Roukema 
HKIS Interim Head of School
Dear HKIS Community,
Fifty-five years ago, HKIS was founded by a community of parents and educators seeking a church and a school. In this issue of DragonTales, we feature profiles of alumni from across the decades, from Eric Mache, a member of HKIS’s first graduating class in 1968, through to Weilyn Chong and Ali Debow, Class of 2020. Through their stories and those of the other alumni we feature, a remarkable profile of HKIS emerges: One of perseverance, as in the case of Olympian Jamie Yeung ’15; of entrepreneurship, such as with Kevin Poon ’99 and the Shorrock brothers James ’07 and Josh ’10; of wellbeing, with Martha (Goudey) Collard ’76; spirituality through Kevin Kusunoki ’08; and of a sort of homecoming — alumni returning to HKIS as parents — as in the case of Derek Kwik ’86. With each of these interviews we have included an accompanying “HKIS Today” story that draws out these themes and shows small glimpses of life on campus right now. Taken together, we hope to give you a sense of continuity of our mission and purpose.
Although the themes covered here are broad, this only scratches the surface of who we are and what we do, and that fills me with pride. Over our 55 years, we have created an exceptional community that, through challenging times and simpler ones, has grown in size and strength, always firm in our commitment to inquiry, compassion, understanding the world around us, and, not least, our grounding in the Christian faith.

I thank you for being part of our community, and hope you enjoy the issue!

Dr. Ron Roukema
Interim Head of School
Thank you to our contributors!
Prescille (Chu) Cernosia '88, Weilyn Chong '20, Vipin Chopra, Jonathan Chu '09, Katie (Shull) Chu '09, Benny Chuchen '88, Martha (Goudey) Collard '76, Ali Debow '20, Kristi Granquist, Isabella Hollingshead, Jason Ing '99, Joe King, Wei Hao Kiow '06, Nancy Kroonenberg, Kevin Kusunoki '08, Andrew Kwan '97, Paul Kwan, Derek Kwik '86, Liz Liang '04, Justin Lui '04, Eric Mache '68, A.J. Mak '02, Anna (Burdsall) Morse '91, Kevin Poon '99, Ron Roukema, James Shorrock '07, Josh Shorrock '10, Amy Smith, Wendy Smith, Dustin Wood, Jamie Yeung '15, Edwin Zee

This issue of DragonTales was produced by members of the HKIS Advancement & Marketing team:

Veronica (Galbraith) Booth '97, Carrie Chen, Anita Lam, Timothy Loo and Hillary Sandeen