Welcoming the New HK Chapter Alumni Board

by Liz Liang '04
The results are in for the 2021-2023 Alumni Board members, and four new faces will be joining the board with three incumbents also returning.

After months of online events, the HKIS Alumni community in Hong Kong gathered in-person at Club Lusitano in September to celebrate the new Alumni Board and reconnect with each other and HKIS faculty.
HK Chapter Board Members Andrew Kwan '97, Jason Tan '96, Matthew Sears '02, Liz Liang '04, Yvonne Man '05, Justino Liang '01, and Wei Hao Kiow '06.
We are so pleased to welcome new Board members Wei Hao Kiow (‘06), Liz Liang (‘04), Justino Liang (‘01) and Yvonne Man (‘05). Incumbents include Andrew Kwan (‘97), Matthew Sears (‘02) and Jason Tan (‘96). In addition to the new members, the Board also welcomes Zella Talbot, who joins Janet Taylor as a faculty advisor to the Alumni Board.

A huge thank you to outgoing members Anthony Chang (‘90), Johnny Kong, (‘01), Kimberly Kwok (‘05) and Justin Lui (‘04) for their contributions, and to George Coombs, who served as Alumni Board faculty advisor for a number of years and recently retired after more than 30 years working at HKIS.

Exciting things are in the works, and we look forward to more engagements with the HKIS Alumni community. If you have suggestions or comments on how the Alumni community can better support HKIS, please email the HK Alumni Board at They are always open to ideas!

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