Women in Data Conference
by Kaitlin Shum
MARCH 8, 2023 - 3 MIN READ
Discover how HKIS’s curriculum in STEM supported a student to present at a conference hosted by the University of Pennsylvania.

All smiles: Christine and her team after completing their summer program at UPenn 

If we were to look back in the past, the words “computer science”, “coding” and “data science” would not have been integrated into our vocabulary as much as it has today. Now, in the 21st century, these are essentials words that have intertwined into the world of STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Universities worldwide hold conferences to celebrate the advances and achievements of this field, one of which is the University of Pennsylvania. Their Women in Data Conference aims to celebrate women in the STEM field, by giving them the platform to present their work.

Presentation topic!
Christine Lam, a grade 11 student at HKIS has been invited to be a speaker at the UPenn Women in Data Conference this year. Her topic: Hey, What’s Up? Gas Prices: Analysing the Influences of US Gas Price Trends was first presented during her time at the UPenn Wharton Data Science program over the summer. At this time, US gas prices were at a record high, making it an extremely relevant topic for her to research this trend. A couple months later, she was contacted and recruited to present again at the UPenn conference. Christine explained the process of the project as tedious but rewarding. 

It was a lot of finding, cleaning, visualising data. I was constantly running models and analysing the results.
 Her passion for data science began during the pandemic.She found it extremely exciting and interesting and thus took more classes at HKIS related to this topic. From classes like Coding in Action and AP Computer Science Principles, Christine learned the applications and possibilities of data and computer science.
Christine (far left) speaking at the conference
“One thing I love about HKIS is that they gave me the resources and opportunity that allowed me to dive deeper into my passion. I would be nowhere close to having these opportunities (presenting at a UPenn conference) if not for all the support, genuine time and effort put into helping me from my HKIS peers, counsellors and teachers”.

 Christine Lam